Explore.Act.Tell. teaches young people how to become aware of food insecurity issues in their neighborhoods.  

Get Involved

The Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning and the Albertsons Companies Foundation are excited to present the Explore.Act.Tell. Program. Available for 6-9th grade students in the Acme Foods areas of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware; and the Shaw’s Storesand Star Markets areas of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.

Explore.Act.Tell. powered by Students Nourishing Neighbors

Take your students on a journey to be a part of the solution to prevent hunger in your community!

Explore.Act.Tell. works in any class, club or subject area to teach young people key skills.  

Using a project based format, students will explore a topic, design ways to act on solutions and then use language and presentation skills to tell others how to get involved.  

Students will practice their skills to become aware of food insecurity issues in their neighborhood,  become engaged citizens and advocate for community involvement and service.

Through four interactive lessons, students will create and implement a hunger solution project and develop a promotional PSA video.

Explore.Act.Tell. strengthens social and emotional skills including:

  • Empathy
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Self-confidence

Students will also practice project based learning skills including planning, evaluation, data and time management.

Educators are invited to register and get started today!