As you prepare your Explore.Act.Tell. entry, we want to ensure you have the best tips for submitting an awesome entry. Here are some things to consider:

  • You will log in to the Explore.Act.Tell. website to complete your entry. On your member dashboard you can create as many entries as you wish

  • You can enter information as you have time – the entry form can be saved and worked on in pieces until it is complete and ready to submit

  • The competition rules can be found here

  • Project Description: Be sure your description clearly states the 

    • Goal, 

    • Story of the students’ efforts, and 

    • Project Impact for your school or community. 

  • Project PSA Video: This is a short (less than 1 minute) announcement of your project so others may copy or join your efforts. Be sure the video 

    • has clear audio and visuals.  

    • Is compelling so viewers will pay attention

    • Has a clear message about your project focus and impact

Every effort is worth the story. We are excited to hear about each individual and team effort – even if things did not go as planned. We want to celebrate the work and your students!!

Once your entries are submitted, you can print and share Completion Certificates with your students. The certificate can be found here.