It is exciting to hear about the learning that takes place as students “explore” hunger around them.

Students at Hanson Middle School in Massachusetts volunteered at their local food pantry. While there they heard of specific needs at their community senior center. From organizing shelves at the food pantry to planting a community garden at the senior center, their work was based on what they discovered in the “Explore” phase of the lessons.

Exploration for students at Veterans Middle School in New Jersey meant something different. As they discussed hunger they realized that different descriptive words and phrases can be misunderstood or even hurtful. Their work turned into a vocabulary lesson based on respect and mindfulness. What an amazing first step toward understanding each other and the various ways that food insecurity affects those around them.

And, in another type of focus, Sanford Middle School students in Maine explored their school’s backpack program. This created awareness about having food but perhaps not enough. They also learned about the nutritional value of the food provided. An interesting fact arose about Thursday’s food being the healthiest. Students designed an awareness campaign encouraging families to take more food on Thursday and improve their nutrition and health.

Each story is a unique journey through the current need in your school or community and how students can make a difference. Every project fills a need and provides a breakthrough for those who are hungry or food insecure.