How will you get started this year?  

Will your students need to do a virtual project or can they get involved in school or community based project work?  

Explore.Act.Tell. projects can work in any setting. Check out the Hunger Project Idea Starter Guide for some great ideas.  

In next month’s newsletter we will feature Hunger Organizations in each state. There are many and we want your teams to have access and information so they can easily connect with an organization that can support your project work. In the meantime, if you need this information now, reach out and we will connect with you.

The Explore.Act.Tell. Program allows your students the opportunity to learn more about hunger issues in their very own school and community, and do their part to address these issues. This program works in any class, club or subject area to teach young people key life skills. This real-world experience leads students through a series of lessons to:

  • EXPLORE a topic.
  • Design ways to ACT on solutions, and then,
  • Use language and presentation skills to TELL others how to get involved.

We can’t wait to see what your students will do!