We closed the 2020-21 year with our first winning team, led by Mr. Harris Daniels. This group of 9th grade students met the Challenge, identified ways to reduce hunger through a local farm donation program, and were awarded $5000 for their hunger charity.

Congratulations to the Murrell Dobbins students and Mr. Daniels!

Explore.Act.Tell is all about reaching students where they are and teaching them to put learning into action. The steps of the program look like this:

EXPLORE: Lesson 1 –

  1. Explore hunger issues in local area
  2. Connect with local hunger organization
  3. Decide on focus for project

ACT: Lessons 2 & 3 –

  1. Design project, promote project to school and community
  2. Implement project
  3. Measure outcomes and results

TELL: Lesson 4 –

  1. Create PSA showcasing project and inviting others to do the same
  2. Complete contest submission with project recap and PSA vide

The program can be completed by individual students or by teams of up to 5 students. As soon as you complete the program, you can submit student entries.

Where is the perfect fit for your school? Do you have….

  • A high performing student who needs an extra project or work for extra credit?
  • A low performing student who has disengaged during virtual or hybrid learning and needs to get excited about learning again?
  • A time in the day – or a time during the semester when a short unit on hunger is a fit?
  • A group of students or individual students in a club or after school program who would enjoy a short program and chance to enter a competition?

Explore.Act.Tell. can be implemented now and fully completed at your own pace. We will share ideas on pacing in future newsletters.